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modern microframework for small websites

  • panx-framework is primary for small websites, whole framework have size around ~800kb

  • panx-framework have tool to create a documentation website from markdown files

  • panx have some basic features like:

    • Simple routing engine (With middlewares)
    • Database wrapper
    • Authentification system
    • API interface
    • Documentation generator
    • Post manager (Useful for small blogs)
    • Multi language webs support
    • Cache system + Log system
    • Extension support
    • Template systems support (By default supports Latte)
    • Controllers and Model support (MVC)
    • FormX
    • ThemeX
    • Uses functions of PHP7
    • And more useful functions

Getting started

To get started using panx framework, see Creating first project using panx framework

Installation via Composer

composer create-project alexkratky/panx
php panx-worker config
php panx-worker setup
php panx-worker extension install # If you want to use panx's Authentification system 

Running on panx framework

Some websites that runs on panx framework:

If you want to be listed there, contact us on


The panx framework is open-source software licensed under the MIT license.