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Custom functions

panx-framework include panx.php file (located /app/classes/panx) containing special function.

List of special functions:

  • error($code) - Include template file of specified error and exit() executing of script.
  • redirect($url, $goto) - Redirects to $url. If is $goto equal to TRUE, saves to session the current URL. If is equal to FALSE, it will not saves anything to session. Otherwise, it will save string passed to session.
  • aliasredirect($alias, $params = null, $get = null, $goto = false) - Redirects to alias converted into $url
  • goToPrevious() - Redirect to previous url (Saved from redirect() with parameter $goto equal to true) or return false if there is not any previous url.
  • d($var, $should_exit = true, $var_name_manual = null) - Dump a variable $var and exit exceuting of script if $should_exit is equals to true.
  • json($json) - Indents a flat JSON string to make it more human-readable.
  • html() - beautify the outputed HTML using Tidy extension, currently should not be used.
  • __($key, $default = false, $replacement = array(), $returnKeyOnFailure = true, $keyFormat = "__%s") - Function to obtain translation of $key. The language is specified in .config. The $defualt determine, if the translation is located in default language files (useful in updates, so translation will not be overwritten). Return the translation string of false (or the key in $keyFormat). Also, you can use %s in string which will be replaced by the $replacment value (1:1).
  • _ga() - Prints the JS code with GoogleAnalytics. You need specife the UA code in config.


You can use all these function from yours templates files, just by calling them without any prefix, for example:

$is_user_logged_in = false;

When you are using error() function, don't forget to include route for error file, e.g. Route::setError("USER_NOT_LOGGED_IN", "errors/not_logged_in.php");