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The panx-framework support authentification by default using Auth class. All routes are located in auth.php, all template files in /template/auth/, all CSS files in /res/css/auth/. Auth class is included automatically. Auth class will auto login user, if there are valid cookies. You can check if user is logined using AuthMiddleware or by function isLogined(): bool. You can access all user data (except password), using user($data) function, for example:

$name = $auth->user('name');
$id = $auth->user('id');
$mail = $auth->user('mail');

The argument in user() is case insensitive and have multiple aliases, e.g. you can use user('email') or user('mail').

To work with Auth class, you need to setup DB connection and run command php panx-worker create auth

Also, you need to setup following things in .config:

LOGOUT_PAGE = /login
; The google recaptcha is needed to prevent from brutal force attacks

To install routes, css & templates, you need to install Auth extension

php panx-worker extension install